About Us

About Us

As world is global village where innovations changes at the rate of imaginations and deliveries are more important than commitments. We as CVL General Supply Ltd, have experience for over 8years widely recognized as one of the solutions provider in humanitarian and project supply. We have diversifying range of products and this is why we always say “Just name it, We have it…”.

Established in this technology era, enrooted well with lead office in Juba South Sudan, Branch office in Nairobi Kenya, Delivery Points in Mogadishu Somalia, Logistics base in Jebel Ali Free Zone – UAE, Kampala-Uganda& Junagadh – India.

CVL Juba, since Inception achieved high amount of recognition in market backed by numerous procurements handled in challenging time.

CVL Kenya, under the leadership of an entrepreneur lady, it is ladies empowered office with young, creative, dynamic and dedicated professionals.


There is no better business referral than that given by satisfied clients, having the result oriented management we as CVL is fully equipped and have been handling supplies to Government Organizations, UN bodies, Funded Projects, NGOs etc…

CVL maintains large amount of inventory in conjunction with the distributers for every range of products and trusted supplier of the world.


CVL is dedicated to deliver effective service with integrity and accountability, to understand client’s objectives and to deliver solutions that meet and often exceed their expectations.

CVL intends to expand fully operating office in Mogadishu – Somalia, Logistics Base in Entebbe - Uganda and Eastern Congo.

CVL strongly wish to achieve ISO 9001 company by 2020.


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business philosopy

Adherence to Fairness

Providing Clients and Customers best value for money for goods and services being offered by CVL without entering into price wars.

Dedication to Perfection

CVL chases perfection in midst of rapid changes in a technology era where delivery is more important than commitment.

Firm for non-violence

Following the path of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation India, CVL strongly follows non-violence in thought, speech and action. Our commitment to non-violence ranges from non-stocking and non-selling of animal/ livestock products to anti-terrorism support and non-engagement in the business of mines and weapons.

Faith in Team

CVL believes that employees are the principal assets. Owes its growth and prosperity to the contribution of its employees with competence, cardinal virtues and integrity. Our MD Mr. Premal Bataviya principally declares that clients are not always right taking into view Employee’s side.

Concern for Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community and sense of responsibility. CVL responsibilities grows year by year in the terms of nation building, girl child education, feeding needy, Peace through sports in Africa and environment protection.

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